Frequently Asked Questions


Can I save a project and return to it later?

Yes, simply create a account and save your designs to your custom page. Anytime you log in you will be able to pull up your past saved designs.

What file formats can I upload in the 3D editor?

Our editor currently supports .png, .jpg, .tiff, .tga and .svg files.

I can’t open the box editor, it says I need a different browser? uses new and shiny 3D modeling technology which won’t work in older internet browsers. Our site is tested and works fine in the following browsers: Safari Mac 9.1+ Safari iOS 9.3+ Chrome 59+ Firefox(52+) Microsoft Edge
Buyboxes editor is untested and/or won’t work on Internet Explorer, Opera and most versions of the Android Browser


Do you offer custom box styles?

Yes! Our packaging engineers and designers have over 75 years of experience and can make just about anything out of corrugated. Give us a call to setup a meeting with one of our engineers to get started. There is an additional custom box fee. Or, if you already know what you’re looking for and have your box style with die line, you can jump the line and skip the custom fee to get your custom box made.

Do you offer plain samples?

Plain and simple, yes we do. If you’re worried about your product not fitting in the box, we can send out an unprinted sample of the box style and size you need. All you pay is a small fee of $5 + shipping. We’d hate for you to receive beautifully printed boxes to find it doesn't fit your product!

How do I determine what size box I need?

To determine the box size you need, measure your product and any packing material you’ll be using left to right (L), front to back (W) and bottom to top (D). Add 1/8” – 1/4” to each of these dimensions to give a little wiggle room.

How do I know what material to order?

Cardboard or paperboard, that is the question. Cardboard (Corrugated) is sturdier than Paperboard and will hold more weight. We don't recommend putting anything heavier than 50 lbs without consulting our Engineers first though. Kraft cardboard can also give your packaging an earthy feel.


Do you offer graphic design services?

Yes, our team of graphics experts is here to help with your design as much as possible. Contact us to see how we can help.

Can I add print to the inside of my box?

Absolutely! To add a little something special on the inside, please contact us. We can either send you a dieline to create the art yourself, or one of our graphic designers can help. The additional cost will depend on the size of the box.

What is image resolution and why do I care if it’s too low?

Most internet based images are only 72 dpi, which look great on screen, but when printed they look pixelated (jagged edges/blurry). To make sure your artwork looks clean and crisp we recommend all images be a minimum of 150 dpi at 100%. Bonus, the higher the resolution, the crisper your art will appear.

Will my boxes match the color on my screen?

While we do our best to manage colors and color expectations, the colors you see on your screen can vary from the printed boxes you receive. This, in part, is because each monitor is calibrated differently, and the color space used on a screen (RGB: Red, Green, Blue) is different than the one used in print (CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Your proof will simulate the final printed colors as close as possible. If you have a specific color you need please note this in the comments so we can help match it for you.

Do you have white ink?

We certainly do! This can be a great tool when printing on brown (kraft) board. Use it as a stand-alone color, or request to have it printed under the graphics on your kraft box to make the colors vibrant. Without white, colors on kraft board, especially lighter colors like yellow, appear washed out and faded. (Used creatively, even the muted color can look incredible!) If you are interested in white ink please contact us and tell us about your project!

Will my colors match if I reorder the same box again?

Yes! We know how important brand consistency is, whether you’re an entrepreneur or established company. That's why we ensure quality and colors are consistent every time you reorder.

I have a PMS color in my art. Can you match it?

If you have a PMS color you’d like to print, please specify it in the notes section of your order. Not all PMS colors are reproducible in process inks. We will let you know if we are not able to match, but will come as close as we can for you.

I have an art file already created. Can I email it instead of using the 3D editor?

You certainly can! Please be sure to convert all colors to CMYK, outline all fonts, include the dieline on a separate layer and embed all high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher). We will email you instructions for sending the files.

Can you send me a dieline to use in Illustrator?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a 2D dieline for art placement along with instructions on how to send us the completed art and place your order.

Do you have metallic inks?

For small volume digital, metallic is currently not available. However, depending on your quantity, we may have other cost effective offerings for you. Contact us for custom pricing.

The look of my box is very important to me. Can I get a sample to approve instead of an online proof?

Our minimum order quantity is 1, so we suggest placing a small order ahead of your larger one. That way, you can rest assured your boxes are exactly how you want them.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro and UnionPay.

Do you offer price reductions for repeat orders?

Discounts are available on repeat orders (same box size & graphics) for orders of 10 or more boxes. Contact us before placing your order to find out more.

Whoops, I made a mistake, can I change my order?

We get it, mistakes happen. You can change your order anytime before Final Approval. Final Approval happens once you confirm the proof we email to you. Once Final Approval has been received, no other changes may be made.

How do I cancel my order?

Orders may only be cancelled prior to Final Approval by contacting us at

My boxes came in damaged. How do I get them replaced?

We are so sorry to hear that! We want to make sure you are happy with your order! While do our best to adequately package and protect your boxes for shipping sometimes it is no match against the famously gentle postal system. Please contact us at and we can help.

What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your order and will do our best to help make sure this happens. With that in mind, because our packaging is totally custom we cannot offer returns with the exception of a misprint on our end. If you have a concern related to color please contact us before your final proof is approved. If you’ve received your order and you have a concern please contact us at or give us a call to let us know what’s going on.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we certainly do! Contact us, and our packaging design team will work with you to develop the most cost effective solution for your product. Backing us behind the scenes is our parent company Rand-Whitney, which is New England’s largest independent corrugated packaging manufacturer. So no matter your order size, we have you covered.

Can you produce larger quantities than offered on your site?

Yes, we have a vast array of manufacturing options. Simply contact us for custom pricing.

Do you manufacture all orders in-house?

100% of our orders, small or large, are produced in-house at one of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States. Depending on your order size, we are equipped with Digital, Flexo and Litho capabilities to handle all your packaging needs.

Where are your boxes made and printed?

We are a 100% American owned and operated company with all materials being sourced and produced in the US.


Can I ship to multiple locations?

Although its not automated at this time, we can ship to multiple locations for you. Simply contact us ahead of placing your online order and we will be happy to work with your specific needs.

What is the lead-time?

We will ship your order within 2-10 business days of final art approval. Need faster turnaround? Give us a call once your order is placed and we will help expedite your order.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Yes, your package will be shipped via USPS.

Do you ship Internationally?

Currently we do not offer shipping to locations outside of the United States.


How is my personal data protected? takes security seriously. Your orders are processed through our third party credit card processor Braintree Payments. In order to protect you, we do not store or keep credit card numbers in any of our systems. That means you’ll have to re-enter your card every time you order from us, but it also means your credit card info is safe, because we won’t keep it anywhere in our systems. The only personal data we keep on file is your name, email address, password and shipping address. Your password and mailing addresses are kept in an encrypted data store, using the RSA AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to keep your data private.