Custom Employee Welcome Boxes

Onboarding Kits New Hires Will Love

Packaging Your First Impression specializes in making packaging that pops! Most people don’t recognize the importance of first impressions. When a new hire receives their onboarding kit, the box it comes in will help form the first impression they have of your company. That’s where we come in! We can help you customize your welcome kit with amazing graphics that show your new employee what your company is about and make you stand out. We know that every company is unique and needs their own unique box, so we offer customizable sizing, inserts and a variety of different materials. Contact us and we can get started on the perfect employee welcome kit today!

Creating a Welcoming Workplace

Every year companies hire millions of new employees, so you may be asking yourself what puts your company ahead of the pack? Creating a new employee welcome kit can help new or perspective employees feel at home in a new work environment.

We’ve all started new jobs before and lets be honest it can be stressful! There is a lot happening and even more to remember. It is crucial for companies to recognize this, and be proactive in their approach to onboarding new hires. A new hire welcome box is the perfect way to help educate, inform and alleviate new employee’s stress.

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What's Your Company All About?

You can use these packages to showcase any number of different benefits your company has to offer. A welcome kit will make new employees feel like a valued member of your work community. This initial onboarding will help jumpstart a new employee's success.

A welcome kit can display your company's values, beliefs, and mission, as well as provide the tools or accessories a new hire needs in order to be successful in their job. They are a great tool to share a plan for the first few weeks, identify key contacts and login information. Adding something company branded will help assimilate the new hire into the company too. Something as simple as a notepad or water bottle will show that you care they are part of your team.

How to Create The Perfect Onboarding Kit

Here are a few of our suggestions for creating a killer new hire welcome kit:

  • Make it personal – Start off with a corporate template, but make sure to add the new employee’s name and team members. Or add a personalized welcome letter from the company, new manager or even the owner.

  • Inform & Educate – Provide information that will be helpful for someone navigating a new place; restroom locations, the printers, the break room, etc.

  • Share some swag – Make your new employees feel like they already belong with some company branded gear. Even a water bottle, notepad and a pen will go a long way in making new employees feel welcomed.

  • Show why you're great! – Remind new hires of what a great company they are working for! This can include your company mission, charitable contributions or specific employee benefits like an annual company BBQ or casual Fridays.